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About Us

Milpa Media Company We are a fully registered content producers and media service provider in Tanzania. We aim at producing top notch and affective media messages that inform, transport and empower people towards socio-economic development. Milpa is the most dynamic media house based in Tanzania that is geared to spearhead innovation in the areas of arts, culture and media communications and entertainment. Launched its activities on January 2013, the company offers media and creative solutions that revolve around;
Film Production, Distribution and Cinema, TV and Radio Content Development and Production, Video Coverage and Photography Music Entertainment, Talent Management, Advertising and Promotional Marketing, Strategic Communication, Performance Arts Graphics Designing and Prints, , as well as Research, Consultancy and Training in Media, Communication, Culture and Arts in Tanzania and East Africa.
Milpa Media is primed to inform, empower and transport audiences with the most exceptional creative and innovative ideas, artistry and technical know-how of media productions. Milpa hosts a guild of trained - talented personnel and professional equipment to take on production ventures in Tanzania and beyond that demands standard and value. In every activity we enterprise in, Milpa Media celebrates the local and international aesthetic tastes, cultural dynamics and diversities, new technologies, incredible local and beyond-border talents and most of all the persuasive power of communication and entertainment through media and arts.
What we believe, our approach and what we offer a) Film Production, Distribution and Cinema experiences
We are engaged in production of Commercial films, Documentary films and pedagogic/educational films as well as Art films or festival films. We aim to produce films that cater for the interest and diversity of audiences in Tanzania and across the nations. Milpa aims at producing films with market value and standards for the local and international film audiences, markets and distribution networks.
b) TV and Radio Content Development and Production:
Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) in its Public Consultancy Document on Digital Migration and DTT Value Chain (2006) identifies Content Producers (CP)/Independent Producers as among the key players in TV Broadcasting. The desire for local content is felt not only by the audiences but also the broadcasters who are compelled to offer slots for production companies that are engaged in TV and Radio local content productions. Milpa is geared to produce well rated local content for TV and Radio audiences in a form of News- features, Reports, Reality TV, TV Drama, Quiz Shows, Contest/Game shows, Talk Shows, Magazines etc We aim to stay abreast with the changes by establishing a production ideology and style for locally produced programs that will be appealing to local and international TV and Radio audiences.
c) Music Entertainment
We value music videos as promotional material for the music records sales and Industry’s income and our networking makes it easy to follow closely the rotation of the video in local and international TV channels in terms of airplay and awards considerations. We offer productions of Music Videos of Bongo flavor, Gospel, Folk Music to Dansi Music, DJ and PA systems, Music Show and Franchise management, Club experiences, Music Label and Song Writing. We provide quality and standard DJ, PA and Music System services for all events, occasions and parties We promote music and organize for Music Shows and Franchises within East Africa and beyond as well as club experiences. We write and compose songs, together with our intensive programs on Talent management we prepare music industry professionals and offer music label and management to highly-innovative music artists.
d) Advertising and Promotional Marketing We help you reach your target demographics and develop promotional messages and ad campaigns that ensure brand recall and highest returns. We package advertising and promotional messages in a form of TV and Radio Commercial Ads, 3D graphics and Motion graphics, Infomercials and Corporate videos, Social Media and blogging advertising. We produce stunning, crisp, effective and creative Corporate Video with superb content and technical quality that speaks volume about you, your company and organization. We help you understand and keep up with the ever-changing consumer trends and behaviors with our researches and analytically skills We also offer documentation of Corporate events and activities, occasions, conferences, projects, workshops, seminars and the related
e) Strategic communications
Milpa media holds firmly that communications for socio-economic change needs media as a primary tool for communicating with the communities. We consider strategic communication as an intervention into serious matters of national- economic development and social welfare and our approach is informed by the same reflection. We develop and produce development communication blueprints, campaigns and messages for communicating with the public, stakeholders etc. We produce PSAs, Radio and TV spots, Drama, Documentaries, Educational content videos, Training videos/“How-to” videos, Theatre and Visual arts as well as community involvement plans (CIPs).
f) Talent management Tanzania is endowed with lots of local talents that need specialized training and effectual management that ensures those individuals and the nation benefits from the same. We therefore scout, recruit, train/develop, retain, motivate/empower, market and promote and manage talents within and beyond Tanzania as well we offer recording label (Music Artists) and Agency (Actors). We develop professional competence and skills and help talents gain experience and know-how of their specializations. We cast and provide services for talents for films, commercial ads, music videos, PSAs and Spots etc. We do strategic HR development and management to help improve your business value, customer services and make it possible for your company to realize their goals. We help you recruit, retain and develop the most talented employees.
g) Graphics Design and Prints
We offer high – quality custom design services that starts with your brilliant ideas. We do creative graphic designing for businesses, schools, churches, pageants, weddings, corporate and any other creative solutions in Graphic design both 2D and Motion graphics.. We design and print corporate identity packages, 2D and Motion Graphics Ads, Logos, Social Media Pages, Posters, Post cards, Flyers, Manuals, Music Album and Movie covers and all types of marketing publications and promotional materials. We are engaged also in print magazine and cloth business.
h) Video Coverage and Photography We offer the best digital video and photography for you to capture, store and treasure the special moments in life. We cover and produce customized videos and photo albums plus CD for events such as weddings, family reunion, corporate events, meetings/conferences and the likes. We produce in advance a short biographical and historical account of the wed and project photos (still pictures) and documentary as the wedding ceremony unfolds. We also do photo shoot for cover pages, magazines and news paper photos, modeling and fashions. We deliver complete edited DVD videos , Photo Albums and offer a free CD master copy of all the pictures of the event.
i) Performance Arts
We put forward that theatre is a most effective tool for participatory communications and community development. We ought to develop strategic communication campaigns that use theatre as a primary tool to sensitize and advocate for change. Milpa is dedicated to re-establish the theater and poetry entertainment traditions in Tanzania We are looking to stage outstanding performances and live music on grand theatre stages in Tanzania and East Africa
j) Training, Consultancy and Research in Media, Art and Culture in East Africa We offer consultancy in the areas of arts, media, communication and culture Milpa aim at offering training for media and art professionals through seminars and workshops Milpa is geared to have the most excellent and one stop archive of arts, media and culture in Tanzania and East Africa. We offer also a range of consultancy services in the area of filmmaking from pitching of a movie idea, writing of a screenplay, talent auditions and casting as well as production management. The prospects are to build an Audio Visual and Photo archive that preserve the history of human life in Tanzania; past and present. Milpa shall organize symposium, awards competitions and festivals that are geared to bridge the gap between people working in the media industry and the academia.

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